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Using Direct Marketing to Attract More Customers in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) and nationally

There are plenty of marketing tools that business owners can use in order to successfully reach their customers and prospects, however, the single biggest way to dramatically grow your customer base in Phoenix or around the globe is through direct marketing.

But why aren’t more businesses using it? Because most business owners don’t readily understand how direct marketing works. However, it is very easily explained: direct marketing is delivering your marketing message right to your customers directly instead of blindly placing ads where they may see your message – much like you do in the form of your regularly updated blog.

Dan Kennedy calls this “getting the right message to the right market in the right media.” Advertising is far more effective and cost efficient when you’re speaking to the right audience. I know. I've used it with great success right here in Arizona (AZ).

The beauty of direct marketing is that even if you aren’t already using it, the concept is easy enough to implement into your overall marketing strategy and grow your business dramatically.

Writing directly to your customer can take on many forms, but according to the experts, here are four proven methods to successfully reach your customers:

  • Understand and use the medium of communication correctly. With the various avenues available to reach your customers and prospects you must remember that what works on Twitter for example may get lost in translation when you use the same message on your blog or Facebook.
  • If a picture is worth a thousand words, a story will compel your customers and prospects to move. Use an entertaining and/or educational story to encourage your customers to move in the direction you’d like them to move.
  • Talk with your customers and prospects not at them. People are more likely to follow you and respond positively when they are being talked to like you’re chatting over a cup of coffee rather than shoving a sales pitch down their throats.
  • Have a deadline! You must have a some kind of deadline whether it’s a date, a quantity left remaining, capacity, etc. We say “no deadline – no offer.”
  • Finally, use a direct and obvious call-to-action. In today’s world of having an unlimited availability to information and products, consumers have become more impatient and don’t have time for tricky or clever sales pitches. Be clear and direct with your call-to-action and watch your bottom line grow.

Direct marketing may not be the most attractive form of marketing, but don’t let that cause you to steer clear from this powerful tool. This is a time-tested and sure-fire way to grow your customer base and business in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) and nationally.

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