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As any Arizona (AZ) business owner knows, the key to Internet marketing and a successful website is getting visitors. The more visitors, the more sales you make regardless of what the conversion rate is.

There are many ways to improve your Internet marketing and get large volumes of traffic in Phoenix and Arizona (AZ). A successful site utilizes all aspects of Internet marketing to get the most visitors that business can handle.

Viral marketing is one way to do this. It's like a snowball effect -- one person tells two people and those two tell four. Soon, you have a bunch of people wondering what your site and your business is all about.

Word of mouth is a great form of viral marketing. If you have a product or service someone loves, they'll tell their friends. Sending social media “shout outs” through Facebook and Twitter, is another way to market virally.

Writing articles and press releases and publishing them online are also a great way to improve traffic. When doing this, make sure to select a topic that is relevant to your site.

If you're selling blue widgets, then write articles and press releases about using the blue widget, how blue widgets are useful or how blue widgets have everyday uses. Include your byline and a link to your site with the article or press release.

There are a number of article-publishing and press release sites that will let you post your articles and press releases for free. And they give you links to your site, which is the important thing here. When someone else publishes one of your articles or press releases, then you get the traffic from their site too.

The most expensive route of Internet marketing is paid advertising. You can advertise via traditional methods -- print ads in newspapers and magazines -- or online. One effective way to advertise online is by searching for sites that share your demographic audience and inquire how you can advertise on their site.

Banner ads are eye catching and colorful and often provide a one-click sale. You can also utilize pay-per-click programs like Google Adwords, but be careful because your costs can add up quickly.

As you can see, Internet marketing can be done in a number of ways. A diverse basket of strategies will always prove successful.

Links are good. One link is worth at least two visitors to your site.

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