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Personal Business Consulting to accelerate your income and accomplish your goals is an advanced strategy. To become a private client and enjoy any of these exclusive and highly sought-after business coaching options please call us at (480) 905-5570 or email us at to request an application. The number of private clients is strictly limited. An application is crucial for acceptance.

Even the best of the best use coaches. Legends like Michael Jordan and Jack Nicklaus all used coaches to keep them at the top of their game and to keep them accountable. Ditto for Tom Brady. Why wouldn’t you? Do you want to win?

Do You Want Business Consulting From Someone
Who Lives in Your Shoes?

(Or From a Book-Schooled Rookie Who Has Never Met a Payroll in Their Life?)

I am all about increasing your bottom line profits. Isn’t that what you are in business for? I am a real-life entrepreneur who has owned his own businesses for over 30 years.

I have been following marketing legend Dan Kennedy for years. In 2008 I was trained and certified by Mr. Kennedy as a “Certified No BS Business Advisor”. Working with Dan and getting his training first-hand has definitely added tools to my already formidable marketing arsenal.

What does my experience mean to you? It means I have seen it, done it, still doing it, or know somebody who is. You don’t get my kind of experience in university classes. You get it from living in the trenches and making things happen.

Do You Face These Challenges in 2016 - 2017?

Let’s not sugarcoat it. We’re in a new economy. Things will never be exactly as they used to be. But time goes on – fortunes will be lost and fortunes will be made. Money is always moving. Which side of the equation do you want to be on?  In fact more millionaires are made in tough economies than strong economies.

2015 will be the most important year ever for business owners. The opportunity is tremendous for you because you are competing within a smaller competitive field. Excellence is noticed and rewarded with purchases. Position your business to seize this opportunity by the throat!

Possible Challenges Business Owners Face:

  • Cash flow problems
  • Customers going out of business
  • Poor sales
  • Advertising isn’t working anymore
  • Inability to secure enough credit
  • Vendors changing terms
  • Slow moving or outdated inventory
  • Accounts receivable collection problems
  • Concerned about “shrinkage” (either shoplifting or employee theft)
  • Need someone to talk to who understands

If you face even one of the above challenges, it would be wise to talk to me because my outside eyes will see things you don’t. I’ve been there before. Look at just some of my experience.

I can accomplish these objectives for you, too.

You might ask, “Chuck, Have you ever…..?

  • Negotiated a business loan? Yes, up to a $5 Million credit line when money was tough to get.
  • Negotiated a lease? Yes, many, with many months of free rent and large tenant improvement allowances.
  • Needed sales now to survive? Yes, more than once.
  • Needed new customers to survive? Yes, it is easier than you think.
  • Created and structured customer loyalty programs? Yes, extremely successfully.
  • Grew sales so fast you can’t seem to keep up? Yes, it’s hard but manageable if you are tough and it’s oh so rewarding.
  • Received vendor assistance? Yes, several times for 7 figures, interest free. It’s a positioning issue.
  • Collected past due accounts receivable? Yes through negotiation, repossession, and other means.
  • Managed inventory? Yes, in the auto parts distribution business we routinely carried over 105,000 part numbers (SKU’s) and in excess of $5 Million in inventory in multiple locations.
  • Failed? More than once. If you don’t have failures you are not doing enough.
  • Have you ever sued anyone to collect? Yes, got judgments but not cash. There are better ways than court.
  • Have you ever been sued? Yes, and learned big lessons (see above – stay out of court).
  • Fired people including top managers? Yes, it is never easy but necessary.
  • Instituted unpopular employee policies? Yes, who is running the asylum?
  • Negotiated a labor contract? Yes, and ended up with a union decertification. You have to be a good, fair employer, with resolve.
  • Been subject to employee theft? Yes, I wish I knew then what I know now.
  • Were short of cash on payday? Yes, I have used personal credit cards and personal loans to overcome tough times.
  • Created and structured employee incentive programs? Yes, very successfully.

This list could go on and on. The bottom line here is that I have enjoyed a lot of success and endured my share of failure. It is my ambition to help my business coaching clients avoid my mistakes and to teach them my most successful strategies.

My “outside eyes” of experience can make a huge difference in most businesses. The old cliché’ of “can’t see the forest for the trees” is especially true of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

What Do Others Say About Chuck Trautman?

Plenty. Look at the testimonials on this web site. Here’s what Dan Kennedy himself had to say about Chuck.

“Chuck Trautman is one of the most dedicated of the crew of GKIC Independent Business Advisors taking my work to the local level. His real-world, hands-on experience of owning and operating multiple businesses are an asset to his clients and our members. His new book, Business Tips from the Trenches, teaches business lessons in an easy-to-read and entertaining way.”

Dan S. Kennedy
Marketing Strategist, Speaker, & Serial Entrepreneur
Author of the best-selling No BS book series

What Services Do You Provide?

Because I am a Dan Kennedy disciple, people assume that all I do is marketing strategy coaching. Please understand, I love helping businesses with their marketing. In “About Chuck Trautman” you saw that I have had tremendous success in growing sales in my businesses. So yes, I can flat-out accelerate your sales.

I have sold over $550 million and counting of goods and services for myself and my clients.

But take a second look at the list above. I can help you with almost all your business needs. What I don’t do is design software, computer networks, do accounting work, or pontificate on legal issues. There are experts in those fields, just like I am an expert in mine.

I can and do coach clients on how to improve their balance sheet, financial ratios, expenses, cash flow, marketing, and sales.

In fact, I have a coaching client on retainer who uses me every three weeks just to chat over the phone. He is afraid his key employees will tell him what he wants to hear, not what he needs to know. He knows I will tell him what I think whether he likes it or not. That is exactly what a business owner needs.

How to get started and what to expect

  1. Submit your application/questionnaire so we can learn about your business.
  2. Submit your payment of $497 for your 90 minute initial business coaching session (phone or in person).
  3. There will be one of 3 outcomes.
  1. You feel you did not receive $497 of value.  You receive a 100%, no questions asked refund, and we part friends.
  2. You feel you received tremendous value, but you’re going to implement our ideas yourself.  Great!  You received value for your small investment.
  3. You feel you received tremendous value and you wish to proceed with a business coaching relationship.  Your $497 is applied to your first month of coaching.

Other Key Benefits of a Private Client Relationship

  • Accelerated growth for your business
  • Monthly private telephone or in-person meetings tailored to your specific personal and/or business goals
  • We have your business on our minds 24-7
  • Several options to choose from
  • Retainer clients have Quick Access for immediate “911” emergencies
  • Exclusive joint venture opportunities BEFORE they’re “on the street”
  • Call to request an application for one-on-one business coaching at (480) 773-7490

The Benefits of Combining Private Consulting and the
Mastermind Experience

The mastermind experience coupled with personal business consulting is the fastest way for you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

You get the best of both worlds – The input, encouragement, and brilliance of your peers and the guidance of your business coach.

Click here to view the qualifications, benefits, and types of mastermind groups available.


Chuck Trautman
CEO & Founder
Arizona Marketing Association
(480) 905-5570

P.S. #1 – Please read the “About Us” section of this website to learn about my work history. You will see that I’m like you.

P.S. #2 – Act now. You will be missing profit every day that you delay.

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