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Phoenix Business Consultant Chuck Trautman

Who The Hell is Chuck Trautman?

Chuck Trautman

Chuck has owned and operated his own businesses for over 41 years.

Chuck’s first full-time job as an adult was serving four years as a  U.S. Marine in the Vietnam War era. He says the Marine experience was instrumental in him becoming a successful entrepreneur and businessman. The lessons learned about himself and lessons learned in leading others were invaluable. He earned the rank of Sargent before discharge, so he is sometimes affectionately referred to as "Sgt. Chuck".

After discharge from the Marines, he tried to return to school, but found it boring and a waste of time as a means of accomplishing his goals and dreams. Besides, 24-year-old, former Marine Sergeant Vietnam vets, were not readily accepted by anti-war students and faculty in that era!

Trautman had a corporate gig with the Gates Rubber Company next. He says he received great business training at Gates, but a corporate job always frustrates entrepreneurs and pushes them to seek their true calling.

He purchased, along with silent investors, a small auto parts store in Eugene, Oregon. Within two years, the store rapidly grew from $330,000 a year to over $900,000 in annual sales. Two other stores were purchased which also enjoyed rapid growth in sales and profits.

Seven years later, with one investor, Chuck purchased his supplier, an auto parts distribution company, which at the time was selling $12 million a year in auto parts to independent auto parts stores.

This business later became the Carquest Auto Parts Distribution Center in Portland. During Chuck’s ownership and direction, the company grew to over $25 million per year in sales and employed 125 people.

After selling the Carquest DC, Chuck founded a retail golf equipment business. It grew from one store with no sales to six stores selling over $10 million a year.

Trautman found Dan Kennedy-style marketing in 2000. He loved it! He says it was like discovering the Holy Grail. He has been an avid Dan Kennedy fan ever since.

After selling the golf equipment business in 2004, Trautman was asked to help out an auto parts store owner and a golf equipment business owner at almost the same time. Both businesses had problems. It was then that he discovered he had a knack for using his experience to help other business people and a new career as a business consultant and marketing strategist was born.

Trautman also co-created and currently markets several information products. One of his favorites is -- a mental side of golf training course.

In July of 2008, the possibility to take over the Phoenix Chapter of Glazer-Kennedy Insider’s Circle became available. Being hand-picked, trained, and certified by Dan Kennedy was an opportunity too good for Chuck to pass up, so he became the GKIC Independent Business Advisor in Arizona.

Chuck currently facilitates two CEO level Mastermind Groups. Tremendous breakthroughs take place in Mastermind Groups. Chuck says the Mastermind experience is an extremely satisfying and profitable way for business owners to grow professionally and personally. Admission is by application only to insure harmonious groups.

Chuck has written two business / marketing books, “Business Tips from The Trenches: How to Succeed in Business Without an MBA” and "9 Rules for Business Prosperity in the New Economy".. The books are available at They are filled with lessons learned from years of experience on the front lines of small business. You can see Chuck's author page here.

Mr. Trautman is also the founder and CEO of the Arizona Marketing Association (AZMA). Chuck’s life purpose is to promote business success for entrepreneurs. Successful small business is the life blood of the world economy. The Arizona Marketing Association gives members the ability to stay abreast of cutting-edge marketing and business strategies and tactics, and the opportunity to gather with other entrepreneurs on a regular basis.

Occasionally, Chuck has time available for a new business consulting client. His “outside eyes” have made (or saved) his clients a substantial amount of money. He is also available to speak to entrepreneurial groups and to teach seminars on grass roots marketing and the art of using great customer service as a marketing strategy.

He specializes, through Dan Kennedy style, direct response  marketing principles, in helping companies find their niche, attract new customers or clients, and increase their profits.

Chuck is also hired as a second set of eyes and ears by CEOs and business owners because of his “No BS,” tell-it-like- it-is style. Some firm’s key people tell the owner or CEO what they want to hear, not what they need to know. Using an outside business consultant can be an extremely shrewd strategy.

The Arizona Marketing Association serves Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and the surrounding cities.