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Marketing Your Business in a New Economy (in Phoenix or anywhere else)

It’s no secret that marketing and advertising have taken on a whole new look, especially with the advent of the computer age and now social media. Fads come and go so it’s difficult to know how to market your business in Phoenix and Arizona (AZ) when things change on a dime – including the economy.

In the “old” days, before one cent was spent on advertising or marketing, hours and hours were spent on research and analyzing that research. If things didn’t add up to a big return on investment, then the investment wasn’t made. Moving forward, once technology began to ease onto the scene, business owners and marketers didn’t have the luxury of spending so much time on market analysis, they had to go with what they had.

Today, marketers have even less time for their research because the market changes daily. The reason for this is because you as the business owner are no longer in control, the consumer is. Thanks to the “gotta have it now” mentality, if the customer doesn’t get what they want, when they want it, not only will they let you know they are unhappy, anybody that can be reached with a few key strokes will also know that they are unhappy. Conversely, when you do something that really pleases your customers, they’ll be ready to share that as well.

One of the easiest ways to successfully market your business in this new type of economy is to not ignore your customers, regardless of the situation. Making them feel they are irrelevant or don’t matter is a cardinal sin in terms of customer service.

Secondly, use the new technology to your full advantage. Traditional marketing methods such as television, radio and the Yellow Pages are being replaced with more non-traditional marketing methods like Facebook Business Pages, LinkedIn and Twitter. Also study and implement grassroots marketing techniques, starting in Phoenix or your home city.

In the new economy customer service is king. Every business believes they offer great customer service, but few actually do. Many clients will never tell you about a poor experience. They simply take their business (and dollars) elsewhere.

Do you use mystery shoppers? If not, you must start today. This applies to ALL businesses, not just retailers. Your receptionist or phone staff generally has the first contact with a prospect or client. They can chase off more people than you can attract if they are not properly trained

A successful business owner will know when times begin to change and will adapt accordingly, taking a proactive approach as the tides begin to shift. This type of action allows you to learn and grow and successfully become exactly what your customers and prospects need you to be.

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