It may seem daunting at first, but actually there's quite a few places to start to look inside your business when coming up with marketing ideas that turn into your own BIG idea - in fact, 9 to be specific:

Do you have some kind of proprietary technology to crow about?

What about your story... is there anything about it that's clearly unique?

Can you combine different assets together in a way that's novel and different?

Pricing - can you offer a twist or even a controversial angle relative to the prices you charge for goods/services?

Is there something special about your business that makes it into an attraction... something highly visible that customers just HAVE to tell others about?

How about the PLACE where you do business - is there a way to transform that into something that's way outside conventional thinking??

Do you have a theme for your business... or different themes... something that sets you apart and is even newsworthy?

Any way to create special events around your business to attract attention and generate interest?

Have you ever made a very public stand against a specific enemy or taken on some powerful adversary?