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How to Increase Sales

These are posts about how to increase sales.

How to Get More Business with These 8 Tips

Have you been wondering how to get more business prospects without paying an arm and a leg? We’ve got a bunch of fantastic marketing solutions that can help you get the business you want without breaking the bank. With these eight tidbits of how to get more business marketing know-how, you’ll find the customers that […]

Spend More Time Looking Through the Windshield than in the Rearview Mirror

As an entrepreneur, it’s vitally important to focus most of your time with your eyes looking “down the road” – into the future. Day in and day out, as busy business owners, we spend much of our time meeting and hopefully exceeding our current customers’ expectations. But it’s equally important that we spend time looking […]

Pay Attention to the Pain Points!

No matter how much your customers like you, they’re really buying the solutions you offer, and they’re buying to eliminate their pain points. Remember that your product or service must be of some benefit to them and make their lives easier and/or more enjoyable and potentially relieve some of their pain. After all, every single one of us has the same favorite radio […]

Insider Secrets to Increase Sales

While many people focus on online sales and eCommerce sites, it is important to realize that for small to large retail outlets actual in-person sales are still critical to the success of the business. Ensuring that your staff is trained to know how to increase sales without coming across as pushy or over-selling is essential […]

Remove the Risk and Explode Your Profits

Customers don’t hesitate to buy because of price; they hesitate to buy because of worry. They worry about all the“what-ifs.” Offer a rock-solid guarantee. Putting 30- or 60-or 90-day limits on your guarantee is going to leave your customers wondering what happens after that. Give your guarantee a name that clearly explains the benefit and the degree to which you’re […]

Under-Promise and Over-Deliver

One of the easiest ways to increase customer adhesion is to manage their expectations. Managing their expectations is a matter of under-promising and over-delivering. “Inspect what you expect.” Test how your organization treats your customers and their impressions of your business. Be easy to do business with. Get rid of any policies that create impediments to the majority of customers who want […]

6 Client Retention Ideas You Can Try

Most companies focus on acquiring new clients, and while this is a primary focus, client retention is just as important. In fact, working hard to keep your old clients may even be more profitable than getting new clients in the long run. Why Focus On Client Retention? Client retention is measured in repeat purchases, and […]

Client Retention Tips for Small Businesses

You make a sale and get a new customer – that has got to be good right? But do you know what is even better? It is when they come back the second, third and fourth time around to do business with you again. But, there is an art to getting your clients to continue […]

Profit Explosion: Value Means More than Cost

When you think in terms of how you can create more value, don’t think of how much more it is going to cost you. Think of ways to make yourself different, to make it more difficult for your customers to focus on price alone. Think of ways to set yourself apart, so that your customers […]

Why the 30- or 60- or 90-Day Warranty Is Not Enough!

You’ve heard of Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong will go wrong, usually at the worst possible moment. Well, there’s another variation of that, and it goes like this: The product will cease working exactly one day after the warranty expires. Enough of us have had that exact experience that it lends credence to […]