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Target Customer

Referral and Lost Customer Activation Programs

If the easiest customer to sell is an existing customer, what is the second easiest customer to sell to? Well the answer is a referral. Unfortunately most businesses live with the myth that, if they treat their customers well and give them great service, these customers will refer their friends to them. Wrong! The lack […]

Taking Care of Your Existing Customers

We can talk a lot about targeting your ideal customer. But there is one target market that is so often overlooked and it’s literally a gold mine. It is acres of diamonds right in your own back yard. This target market is your past and present customers. This target market is the only one that […]

Target the Right Market

One of the keys to crafting the right message is making sure you are aiming it at the right market. The best possible offer made to someone who is wholly unqualified or wholly disinterested in it is not going to work. You’ve got to match your offer with the right people to receive those offers. […]

Define a Clear Message

One of the biggest obstacles to prosperity for most business owners is that they don’t have a clear message to communicate to the market. Somebody sets up a restaurant, a florist shop or coaching practice and they spend all their time and energy worrying about what it looks like inside or what their website is […]

Your Target Customer-BOLDNESS PAYS OFF

Dan Kennedy said something truly profound during the recent Info-SUMMIT in Nashville, TN. It went something like this: “Don’t be afraid to make some people angry. Boldness pays off. Think of this – in America, you can have 50% of the country dislike you and still be elected president.” Now, I can’t affirm that 50% […]