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Direct Mail

A 9 Point Checklist for Direct Response Advertising for You

Below is a handy checklist to use for creating direct response ads.  If you use it, it will improve the quality and conversion of your ads.  Print out this checklist and use it! 1.    It must have a compelling headline 2.    It should evoke an immediate response, action, visit, call, or purchasing decision. 3.    It […]

Marketing Strategies-Entertain Your Way To Profits

The number one marketing sin of all time is being boring! The number one marketing sin in the new economy is being ordinary. Here is a list of 4 marketing strategies you can use to entertain your way to profits. 1. Tell Stories: We all have true stories, both personal and business, from our lives […]

Marketing Strategies-The Power of “Me to You” Marketing!

The marketing world is full of tactics and techniques “guaranteed” to help you improve the results of your next direct mail campaign, print ad campaign or email marketing campaign. Some work. Some do not. Times Square in New York City is a metaphor for what you, the business owner and marketer, are up against in […]

Direct Response Marketing-The 10 Money Making Rules You Need To Know

The 10 Money Making Rules You Need to Know for Successful Direct Response Marketing in your Business:   1. There will always be an offer or offers. 2. There will always be a reason to respond now. 3.There will always be clear instructions on how to respond. 4. There will always be tracking and measurement. […]

How The Circus Mastered Direct Mail…And You Can Too!!!

Back in the days before YouTube, Cable TV, iPhones, and 24/7/365 media saturation of every single aspect of our lives, entertainment was actually special. And one thing that every child in mid-America looked forward to was when the circus came to town. But getting Mom and Dad bought into the idea could take some effort. […]