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Sales Messaging

Communicating Effectively

Something that holds back many business owners is that they are concentrating so much on what they do, that they don’t focus on how to sell what they do. Let’s say you’re the best brain surgeon in the world.  Is this a valuable skill? Did you answer yes? If you did, let me ask you […]

Nobody Believes Nobody Anymore

As a salesperson and marketer, you face an uphill battle.  Gallup recently conducted a poll asking which jobs people considered untrustworthy or highly suspect.  The results: 10. Business Executives 9. State Governors 8. Lawyers 7. Insurance Salespeople 6. Senators 5. HMO Managers 4. Stockbrokers 3. Advertising Executives 2. Members of Congress 1. Car Salespeople This […]

The Importance of Widget Making

Another key aspect that separates the most prosperous businesses from the rest is that they develop the skill of widget making. Widget making could be the number one skill you’ll ever learn as a business owner. Once you’ve got it, you use it over and over again every day in your business.  Widget making is […]

Define a Clear Message

One of the biggest obstacles to prosperity for most business owners is that they don’t have a clear message to communicate to the market. Somebody sets up a restaurant, a florist shop or coaching practice and they spend all their time and energy worrying about what it looks like inside or what their website is […]

Marketing Strategies-Entertain Your Way To Profits Part 2

Recently I gave you four marketing strategies to entertain your way to profits.  Here are four more great ways. 1. Calendar Marketing- Here’s where you become part of your clients life. As a marketer you must enter the conversation going on in the minds of your clients and prospects. The calendar gives you a plethora […]

Marketing Strategies-The Power of “Me to You” Marketing!

The marketing world is full of tactics and techniques “guaranteed” to help you improve the results of your next direct mail campaign, print ad campaign or email marketing campaign. Some work. Some do not. Times Square in New York City is a metaphor for what you, the business owner and marketer, are up against in […]

Copywriting-A BRIDGE TOO FAR

Ever see the World War II film entitled: “A Bridge Too Far”… here’s the recap from Wikipedia: The film tells the story of the failure of Operation Market Garden during World War II, the Allied attempt to break through German lines and seize several bridges in the occupied Netherlands, including one at Arnhem, with the […]

Business Marketing-OKAY THIS IS PERSONAL

When I said “THIS is Personal…” , did that generate a wee bit of interest? Look around you. The old school way of thinking about keeping “private matters private” has long since disappeared down the whirlwind of Social Media. Everything is public now – privacy is essentially dead. Most people don’t mind a bit. In […]

Direct Response Marketing-The 10 Money Making Rules You Need To Know

The 10 Money Making Rules You Need to Know for Successful Direct Response Marketing in your Business:   1. There will always be an offer or offers. 2. There will always be a reason to respond now. 3.There will always be clear instructions on how to respond. 4. There will always be tracking and measurement. […]

Marketing Campaigns- A 4 Step Marketing Checklist

One of the unsung heroes of “getting stuff done” is the old fashioned tool known as a “checklist.” Personally, I LOVE checklists – in fact, I’ve found in running a business that having important processes that I use over and over put down as a checklist makes life soooooooooooo much easier. Of course, one of […]