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Three Reasons Social Media Can Work for You!

Social media has been around for several years in various forms, but in many ways it’s just getting started! There are endless opportunities to use it to help your business grow and prosper. So if you’re sitting on the fence and wondering whether this is something you want to try in your business, I suggest […]

How to Get More Business Within Your Local Community

It seems like the vast majority of information online about how to get more business is all directed towards ecommerce sites. These sites are typically trying to market to a wide geographic area that may include the entire city, the state, nationally or even internationally. However, trying to find out information about bringing in new […]

Marketing is an Investment in Future Profits

Advertising and marketing may appear in the ‘expense’ section of your profit and loss statement, but smart entrepreneurs know that marketing is an investment in future sales and future profits.

3 BIG Secrets of Profitable Newsletter Marketing

Here are 3 huge secrets with you about newsletter marketing that will bring you success. #1: Newsletters help you keep customers. As I have said repeatedly, it’s far more costly to acquire new customers than it is to retain your existing ones. A good newsletter program helps you create relationships with your customers. When you […]

Resist the Boredom!

You may know in your head several reasons why you think your business should be the obvious choice amongst all of your competitors. But nothing is obvious to the uninformed. So until ‘mind reading’ is perfected, you must aggressively market yourself, giving your prospects a clear and compelling reason why your business is the one they want to do business with. People buy when they’re ready to buy […]

Referrals Help You Grow and Boost Your Profits

Compared to the usually high cost of acquiring a new customer, there’s a much lower cost of acquisition with a referral, because they find you; you don’t have to go prospecting for them. This is a huge marketing advantage. Word-of-mouth advertising and referrals occur because of over-the-top, out-of-the-ballpark, put-gigantic-smiles-on-their-faces kind of customer service. There’s no […]

Why Your Business Needs a Newsletter

Newsletters are often the last thing on the minds of small business owners, as most of them often believe that it is an expensive and ineffective marketing strategy. However, what many do not know is that they can be very effective marketing collaterals that can increase your chances of getting potential customers and keeping existing […]

The Power of Being the Authentic You

Many entrepreneurs struggle with their ‘personal’ brand versus their ‘professional’ brand – or perhaps better stated, who they are ‘on the job’ versus who they are ‘off the clock’ – so to speak. This challenge has never become more apparent with the incredible rise of social media, and the truth is you can no longer […]

How to Profit from Social Media

Everyone surfs the web differently. Some are happy to read page after page of content, while others need to be more visually stimulated through a combination of text, photos and video. Adding video content helps to put your company in front of your web visitors, allowing you to connect with them in a more personal […]

Why Client Retention is So Important to Your Business

While many companies focus on acquiring customers, most do not do anything to retain them. Many owners do not see the need to spend time, effort and money to retain the customers. They usually ask why they need to put effort in customer retention when they are already acquiring new ones successfully. While this may […]