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Turn Prospects into Customers

Turn Prospects into Customers Overnight!

Today I’d like to talk about how to turn prospects into customers and retain them for future marketing to. While, your marketing is doing its job, you need to be working on turning those prospects into customers. There are a few key ways to draw them in and seal the deal. You need to be: […]

Marketing Strategies-Entertain Your Way To Profits Part 2

Recently I gave you four marketing strategies to entertain your way to profits.  Here are four more great ways. 1. Calendar Marketing- Here’s where you become part of your clients life. As a marketer you must enter the conversation going on in the minds of your clients and prospects. The calendar gives you a plethora […]

Business Strategy-What Are You Doing To Make Money Today?

One of the speakers at SuperConference, Loral Langemeir, preached about the importance of being in a money making mode as a business strategy and being open to asking for money everyday. She explained her three strategies. ◾ Fast Cash = daily cash ◾ Middle Cash = tomorrow to 60 days ◾ Long Term Cash = […]

Turn Prospects into Customers-Never Miss An Opportunity

Yesterday, we took my Marketing Assistant, Zazu, to the veterinarian for her annual physical. Yes, even dogs need an annual physical, especially when they write a column for you and are 13 1/2 years old. In the treatment room there were signs on two walls saying, “We match PetSmart prices on Hill’s Science Diet dog […]