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How to Market a Business

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The Three Biggest Lead Generation Mistakes Small Businesses Make… Part 1

I want you to stop for a moment and think about all the advertising you’ve seen over the past week. How many of those actual ads can you name off? Researchers estimate that over the past seven days, you have been exposed to as many as 117,000 ads based on national averages. So out of […]

Do You Have A Unique Selling Proposition?

If I were your prospective customer, why should I do business with you above any and all other options? Why would I be an absolute fool to buy what you sell from anyone else but you? That answer should be clearly articulated in the form of your USP. What you need to know… A USP […]

Make it Pop!

There are 5 major components to good advertising copy: (The order of these is essential to success) Command Attention Showcase Benefits of Products/Services Prove the Benefits Persuade People to Embrace the Benefits Call to Action Advertising is sales in print. So, you need to think about the unique benefits your products/services offer and showcase that […]

7 Key Elements of Your Marketing System

Here are the key elements of a marketing system: 1. A selected group of prospects (sometimes referred to as a “farm”, “farm area” or “target market” The better the selection, the better the results. For example, when you are able to analyze the response to a mailing list, you can identify those elements with the […]

Key Components of a Marketing System

Affordability: Your marketing systems must deliver profitable results. You have to know what a customer is worth to you, then decide what you are reasonably willing to invest to acquire one, then build systems that work within that limit. However, there’s no free lunch, so if a customer is worth $1,000 and you’re only willing […]

Do you have a marketing system?

Do you have a marketing system? If not, then what you have is money you spend (notice, I’m NOT using the term invest) on random acts of hope and faith (both often misplaced!) Is that the way you should be running your business? To put a finer point on this, I’ll ask you right now: […]

Nobody Believes Nobody Anymore

As a salesperson and marketer, you face an uphill battle.  Gallup recently conducted a poll asking which jobs people considered untrustworthy or highly suspect.  The results: 10. Business Executives 9. State Governors 8. Lawyers 7. Insurance Salespeople 6. Senators 5. HMO Managers 4. Stockbrokers 3. Advertising Executives 2. Members of Congress 1. Car Salespeople This […]

Beaver Butt in Your Food

Todays Lesson – Ya gotta get noticed first.  There’s an old copywriting formula that goes by the acronym AIDA: A – Attention I – Interest D – Desire A – Action It’s a pretty handy tool, especially if you’re fumbling around for just the right structure for your next advertising piece. The copy that does […]

“QWERTYIOP or something similar…”

In April, 2010, Radicati Group… a marketing and technology firm out of Palo Alto, CA … determined that each and every day:                                                 294 BILLION Emails were sent!!! Doing the math, that boils down to 2.8 million emails a second and about 90 Trillion emails every year.  That’s a lot of cluttered-up-in-boxes. Have you ever […]

Open – PRIZE Inside!!!!

And now for today’s marketing tip…. C’mon, who can resist it?… a package loaded with tasty caramel corn, peanuts, and a mystery prize?    That’s the appeal of iconic Baseball snack food, “Cracker Jack” – made all the more famous by the song, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” sung in stadiums all across […]