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Customer Service

Another Secret Revealed

In the last post we talked about the first secret to building a solid customer service plan and how to decide what your vision is. Today we’ll talk about the second secret in taking your satisfied customers to raving fans. You must know what your customers want. Know who your customers are and you will […]

Shhh… I Have a Secret

Customer service is a pretty hot topic and can make or break your business. Consumers have little patience for lousy customer service and easily get tired of waiting in long lines, trying to get a live person on the line, going through an interrogation to return something or trying to communicate through a language barrier. […]

Turn Prospects into Customers Overnight!

Today I’d like to talk about how to turn prospects into customers and retain them for future marketing to. While, your marketing is doing its job, you need to be working on turning those prospects into customers. There are a few key ways to draw them in and seal the deal. You need to be: […]

Stop Wasting Your Resources!

Today you’re going to learn how to find a target market of potential customers so you aren’t wasting precious resources on blitz marketing. So, the two questions you have to ask yourself are: What do people really want to buy from me? What related products are they already buying? Once you figure this out you […]

New Client Experience

After you make that first sale to a new customer or client is not the time to relax and breathe easy – it is the time to really WOW them! You want them to say “Wow”, I really made the right decision. What you do after the sale may be just as important as what […]

Calendar Marketing

Here’s where you become part of your clients life. As a marketer you must enter the conversation going on in the minds of your clients and prospects. Work to capture the birthdays of everyone on your customer list. Send not only birthday wishes but also half-birthday wishes with a birthday offer. The calendar gives you […]

Have events and parties

Have contests and surveys to involve your clients in your business.  When you have a contest, be sure to get pictures of you with winners and send them out to your entire customer list.  When you conduct a survey, share the results with all those clients who participate and offer them a small reward for […]

Referral and Lost Customer Activation Programs

If the easiest customer to sell is an existing customer, what is the second easiest customer to sell to? Well the answer is a referral. Unfortunately most businesses live with the myth that, if they treat their customers well and give them great service, these customers will refer their friends to them. Wrong! The lack […]

Taking Care of Your Existing Customers

We can talk a lot about targeting your ideal customer. But there is one target market that is so often overlooked and it’s literally a gold mine. It is acres of diamonds right in your own back yard. This target market is your past and present customers. This target market is the only one that […]

Nobody Believes Nobody Anymore

As a salesperson and marketer, you face an uphill battle.  Gallup recently conducted a poll asking which jobs people considered untrustworthy or highly suspect.  The results: 10. Business Executives 9. State Governors 8. Lawyers 7. Insurance Salespeople 6. Senators 5. HMO Managers 4. Stockbrokers 3. Advertising Executives 2. Members of Congress 1. Car Salespeople This […]