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Choosing the ONE thing to start with–YOU DON’T

Here is a question posed in the No BS Marketing Letter by a new member to Dan Kennedy: “There are so many things I can see that need done to make my business successful. How do I choose THE ONE THING TO START WITH?” Dan Kennedy’s answer was… You don’t. The desire for ‘one thing’… […]

13 Ways Your Business Can Prove It’s Case and Improve Sales

In selling your services or products, just like in court, you have to prove your case. Here are 13 ways to prove your case to your prospects and ultimately improve sales in your business. These are sub heads taken from a Dan Kennedy special report. 1. Demonstration – It helps if people can either see […]

Lift Your Business With A Rising Tide of New Customers

There’s nothing I like more than to be by the water during the summer time. It reminds me of my favorite saying, “a rising tide lifts all boats”. I use to moor a 38′ power boat in Olympia, WA and spend summer weekends and vacations on Puget Sound. If you want your boat to go […]

What Did You Learn From Phil and Bubba at The Masters?

What Did You Learn From Phil and Bubba at The Masters? Wasn’t The Masters absolutely thrilling this year?  The back nine Sunday is always special, but this year the drama was incredible!  Any one of 6 golfers could have won. As the co-creator of a “mental side of golf” training program (, I was extremely […]