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PR Equals Free Publicity

There are three key areas of public relations you can use to boost your advertising results ten-fold over your paid advertising. The key to public relations lie in: Public relation or publicity Merchandising Promotions With a solid plan in place that encompasses all these areas, you’ll have a great approach to use public relations in […]

Nobody Believes Nobody Anymore

As a salesperson and marketer, you face an uphill battle.  Gallup recently conducted a poll asking which jobs people considered untrustworthy or highly suspect.  The results: 10. Business Executives 9. State Governors 8. Lawyers 7. Insurance Salespeople 6. Senators 5. HMO Managers 4. Stockbrokers 3. Advertising Executives 2. Members of Congress 1. Car Salespeople This […]

Getting Your Emails Opened

Getting Your Email Opened Do you have a challenge getting your emails opened?  Duh…it’s a major challenge for every marketer.  The subject line is the KEY to increasing your open rates. Make your subject lines so irresistible, so alluring, that they’re nearly IMPOSSIBLE to ignore. Even a modest 10% to 20% boost in your open […]

Sales and Customer Service-B2B Listening Is Key

One of the best pieces of advice when it comes to the world of B2B sales and customer service is for salespeople to actually listen to their customers. At present, this is not always the case. But clients and customers really want you to listen to them and gain a real understanding to their needs […]

Business Strategy-Learn To Delegate And Let Go

This business strategy-while sensible in thought but scary in implementation-will really help to move your business forward. As entrepreneurs we tend to think that no one can do the job as well or as quickly as we can. We get stuck in this mind-set that we have to do it all. We’re all guilty of […]

Business Strategy-What Are You Doing To Make Money Today?

One of the speakers at SuperConference, Loral Langemeir, preached about the importance of being in a money making mode as a business strategy and being open to asking for money everyday. She explained her three strategies. ◾ Fast Cash = daily cash ◾ Middle Cash = tomorrow to 60 days ◾ Long Term Cash = […]

Business Marketing Strategies-TAKING ACTION

I love this story from GKIC’s Marketer of the Year, Walter Bergeron. Walter had a pretty damned good business going for himself down in Louisiana repairing electronics. But he had this feeling he was missing out on some real potential. While attending one of GKIC’s “Fast Implementation Bootcamps,” Walter heard Bill Glazer say this: “Look […]

Become an Author and Gain Instant Credibility with your Audience

Ever wanted to become an Author but just didn’t think you had the time?  Join us March 13th at our Arizona Marketing Association Monthly Event to Learn How You Can Gain Instant Credibility with your Audience!!! Loading the player for bNrQysB9hRY…

Choosing the ONE thing to start with–YOU DON’T

Here is a question posed in the No BS Marketing Letter by a new member to Dan Kennedy: “There are so many things I can see that need done to make my business successful. How do I choose THE ONE THING TO START WITH?” Dan Kennedy’s answer was… You don’t. The desire for ‘one thing’… […]

13 Ways Your Business Can Prove It’s Case and Improve Sales

In selling your services or products, just like in court, you have to prove your case. Here are 13 ways to prove your case to your prospects and ultimately improve sales in your business. These are sub heads taken from a Dan Kennedy special report. 1. Demonstration – It helps if people can either see […]