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Tolerating “time vampires” and others who waste your time

Successful entrepreneurs have very low tolerance for those who habitually waste time and disrupt productivity. I suggest “three strikes and you’re out”. Employee, vendor, even client: Explain why their behavior is incompatible with the way you work and/or interfering with your productivity and describe the substitute behavior desired. Sit the vampire down for that talk […]

Choosing the ONE thing to start with–YOU DON’T

Here is a question posed in the No BS Marketing Letter by a new member to Dan Kennedy: “There are so many things I can see that need done to make my business successful. How do I choose THE ONE THING TO START WITH?” Dan Kennedy’s answer was… You don’t. The desire for ‘one thing’… […]

Learning Leadership from Congress

Below is yesterday’s Seth Godin blog regarding the SOPA/PIPA disaster which was narrowly averted.  There is a lot of sarcasm in the bullet points below. However, I believe that’s how many politicians, both in government and in corporate America demonstrate their leadership. Seth’s Blog The most frustrating thing for me in the SOPA/PIPA debate now […]