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Understanding Customer Loyalty Programs

Think about yourself as a customer. Do you collect airline miles? Do you get bonus points for refunds by using one credit card instead of another? What about store programs? Do you have a bonus card for a particular grocery store or pharmacy? I know some people who carry more of those store key-chain cards […]

A ‘Stick Like Glue” Moment! Fill Your Bucket

Think of your company as a giant bucket of water. The water in your bucket represents your customers – the lifeblood of your business. Every drop of water that leaks out of your bucket is a lost customer and lost sales, including all future revenue. Ouch! If your company is like a leaky bucket – and every […]

Cracking the Code: Five Traits Common to High-Achieving Entrepreneurs

1. They’re impatient and want their Dream Business now, not later. 2. They care much less about ego than they do results. 3. They are more comfortable with risk and fast decisions. 4. They understand the value of investing in themselves. 5. They’ve decided that nothing or nobody will stop them.

Profit Boosting Tips: Money & Success

Don’t be emotional about money – it’s just a tool that can help you build your Dream Business. Get crystal clear on your ‘needs’ and then be willing to ‘invest’ in your future to reach your goals faster. The hard truth is if you’re not 100% committed to your goal, and willing to put skin […]

Three Reasons Social Media Can Work for You!

Social media has been around for several years in various forms, but in many ways it’s just getting started! There are endless opportunities to use it to help your business grow and prosper. So if you’re sitting on the fence and wondering whether this is something you want to try in your business, I suggest […]

Dependable or Memorable? Choose Memorable!

If your business is dependable and does everything you’re supposed to, you’ll likely survive. But if you choose to memorable you’ll create raving fans have a steady stream of referred customers.

Productivity Tip: Don’t Be the Bottleneck

Trust your frontline staff to do what’s necessary to serve and please your customers without needing you to approve their every decision.

Delegate and Let Go

This strategy – while sensible in thought but scary in implementation – will really help to move your business forward. As entrepreneurs we tend to think that no one can do the job as well or as quickly as we can. We get stuck in this mind-set that we have to do it all. We’re […]

How to Get More Business Within Your Local Community

It seems like the vast majority of information online about how to get more business is all directed towards ecommerce sites. These sites are typically trying to market to a wide geographic area that may include the entire city, the state, nationally or even internationally. However, trying to find out information about bringing in new […]

How Much Is Too Much?

So, how do you know what you’re worth? It’s pretty simple—you should begetting some complaints that your prices are too high! That’s right. If you aren’t getting a few complaints, you probably aren’t charging enough. You should be hearing some really serious push back from your prospects when you quote a price or offer a proposal to them. And I don’t mean a […]