This strategy – while sensible in thought but scary in implementation – will really help to move your business forward.

As entrepreneurs we tend to think that no one can do the job as well or as quickly as we can. We get stuck in this mind-set that we have to do it all. We’re all guilty of it and it’s not easy to let go.

We develop the ideas and build our business from the ground up – which makes us feel that we have to do it all and learn it all as well. Even if we aren’t computer / technology savvy, we feel we have to build our websites ourselves. We may not know the first thing about marketing, but we feel we have to learn it. Don’t know how to build a shopping cart? We learn that, too.

Why put yourself through the constant trial and error, which can be costly and a huge time-waster. Learn to delegate and let go.

Take baby steps. Hire someone to handle some of the administrative tasks that are time-consuming and keeping you away from doing the bigger things that need your attention. Owning your own business doesn’t have to mean that your business owns all of your time.