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Lead Generation

Lead Generation-More Leads By Becoming “Invisible”? Huh?

One of my favorite marketing adages comes from a little known, but very successful small businessman from Kenosha WI.  When asked the secret of his success in dominating his local market, he boiled it down to three simple words: CONTINUOUS SELF PROMOTION Tattoo those three words on your forearm and make sure you follow that […]

Generating Leads-THE YO-YO TECHNIQUE

According to Wikipedia (the pre-eminent source for internet wisdom!), the child’s toy commonly called the “Yo-Yo” dates back nearly 2500 years. Seemingly simple, skilled Yo-Yo experts can perform a variety of complex maneuvers with obscure names such as “Fansaws,” “Machine Chop,” and “Alien Invasion.” But the basic premise of the Yo-Yo is clear – let […]