Staying motivated is never really an issue when a small business is flourishing but when you feel as though you are in a slump or have experienced a recent setback your own personal drive can sometimes be hard to find. Fortunately there are some ways in which you can once again inspire your entrepreneurial spirit and stay focused on your dreams.

One good method is to go back and find the original spark that motivated you in the first place. Perhaps it’s been awhile since you thought about what initially inspired you and you might need to reconnect with that spark.

Alternatively, and something that I always hammer home with my business coaching clients who find themselves in this situation, is that it can be a good idea to come up with some completely new goals. Short term goals that have a specific deadline as well as a couple of long term ones which need daily or weekly tasks to be completed in order to achieve them can be a good way of getting motivated again, especially if you track your progress along the way and watch as you advance nearer toward your overall aim.