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Delegate and Let Go

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This strategy – while sensible in thought but scary in implementation – will really help to move your business forward. As entrepreneurs we tend to think that no one can do the job as well or as quickly as we can. We get stuck in this mind-set that we have to do it all. We’re […]


How Much Is Too Much?

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So, how do you know what you’re worth? It’s pretty simple—you should begetting some complaints that your prices are too high! That’s right. If you aren’t getting a few complaints, you probably aren’t charging enough. You should be hearing some really serious push back from your prospects when you quote a price or offer a proposal to them. And I don’t mean a […]

Here are 3 huge secrets with you about newsletter marketing that will bring you success. #1: Newsletters help you keep customers. As I have said repeatedly, it’s far more costly to acquire new customers than it is to retain your existing ones. A good newsletter program helps you create relationships with your customers. When you […]


Stay in Front of Your Customers

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If you want to stay in front of your competition and stay ahead of your goals for profit and growth, you have to stay in front of your customers. That’s really the point of good marketing. Your marketing should not be in place to simply tell your prospects and customers why they should buy your […]


Inspect What You Expect!

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You evaluate your company as a customer would. Here’s a few suggestions on how to evaluate your telephone. What’s your impression of when and how you’re greeted on the phone? Is the person pleasant to speak with? If you have an automated system, is your options menu easy to navigate? If you have an automated […]

Have you been wondering how to get more business prospects without paying an arm and a leg? We’ve got a bunch of fantastic marketing solutions that can help you get the business you want without breaking the bank. With these eight tidbits of how to get more business marketing know-how, you’ll find the customers that […]


Resist the Boredom!

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You may know in your head several reasons why you think your business should be the obvious choice amongst all of your competitors. But nothing is obvious to the uninformed. So until ‘mind reading’ is perfected, you must aggressively market yourself, giving your prospects a clear and compelling reason why your business is the one they want to do business with. People buy when they’re ready to buy […]


One of the most important decisions an entrepreneur needs to make to get to six figures and then to move on and create a multiple-six-figure business is to release and let go. This article could make an amazing difference in your business with just three words – “delegate or die!” This mindset challenge is one […]