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Inspect What You Expect!

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You evaluate your company as a customer would. Here’s a few suggestions on how to evaluate your telephone. What’s your impression of when and how you’re greeted on the phone? Is the person pleasant to speak with? If you have an automated system, is your options menu easy to navigate? If you have an automated […]

Have you been wondering how to get more business prospects without paying an arm and a leg? We’ve got a bunch of fantastic marketing solutions that can help you get the business you want without breaking the bank. With these eight tidbits of how to get more business marketing know-how, you’ll find the customers that […]


Resist the Boredom!

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You may know in your head several reasons why you think your business should be the obvious choice amongst all of your competitors. But nothing is obvious to the uninformed. So until ‘mind reading’ is perfected, you must aggressively market yourself, giving your prospects a clear and compelling reason why your business is the one they want to do business with. People buy when they’re ready to buy […]


One of the most important decisions an entrepreneur needs to make to get to six figures and then to move on and create a multiple-six-figure business is to release and let go. This article could make an amazing difference in your business with just three words – “delegate or die!” This mindset challenge is one […]


The concept of becoming a one-stop shop is one that increasing numbers of businesses have embraced in recent years, but what encourages companies to expand their activities from solely supplying products to the incorporation of relevant services? Here are just a few of the benefits of making the transition. The introduction of new revenue streams […]


Don’t Become a Commodity

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When you’re a commodity, the only way to get clients to buy from you is to offer the lowest price, and that does two really negative things. First, obviously, it cuts into your profit margin. Every time you lower your price, you lose valuable margin. But what’s even worse, the second negative—the customers you gain by winning on price have no loyalty. As […]


Trust Your Sixth Sense

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Have you ever had a great idea or opportunity to grow your business, but through all your desire and excitement to push forward and make it happen, some small feeling was tugging at you giving you pause? That is your sixth sense. Don’t ignore it!

As an entrepreneur, it’s vitally important to focus most of your time with your eyes looking “down the road” – into the future. Day in and day out, as busy business owners, we spend much of our time meeting and hopefully exceeding our current customers’ expectations. But it’s equally important that we spend time looking […]


I build it. I nurture it. I Profit.” I love this mantra because it addresses so many things entrepreneurial. It starts with ‘acting’ on an idea and taking a ‘risk’ by starting a business. It is then through the relentless ‘nurturing’ of your clients and prospects that you profit. Many have ideas; but few act, […]


Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

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Avoid SOS – ‘Shiny-object Syndrome.’ SOS is the idea or ideas that constantly distract you from what you really should be working on in your business. Don’t get so caught up in the hunt, the chase, and the launch of something new that you overlook what is most important and perhaps right in front of you!