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How to Profit from Social Media

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Everyone surfs the web differently. Some are happy to read page after page of content, while others need to be more visually stimulated through a combination of text, photos and video. Adding video content helps to put your company in front of your web visitors, allowing you to connect with them in a more personal […]


Delegate or Stay Small

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One of the most important decisions an entrepreneur needs to make to get to six figures and then to move on and create a multiple-six-figure Dream Business is to release and let go. This mindset challenge is one that trips up far too many entrepreneurs, and it is essential that you climb and conquer this […]


Under-Promise and Over-Deliver

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One of the easiest ways to increase customer adhesion is to manage their expectations. Managing their expectations is a matter of under-promising and over-delivering. “Inspect what you expect.” Test how your organization treats your customers and their impressions of your business. Be easy to do business with. Get rid of any policies that create impediments to the majority of customers who want […]


Risk reversal is one of my all-time favorite profit-boosting strategies. When I coach entrepreneurs and small business owners, I always discuss the importance of risk reversal; however, it’s critically important when you are starting your business. When you are starting out, you really don’t have a track record about which to boast to your prospects. […]


Consistency Counts

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When you define who you are and create your mission statement, you have to promote it – everywhere and on everything – in order to build your brand. Simply put: wherever you put your name, you should include your brand, consistently. But promoting your brand isn’t enough – you have to back it up with […]


Price Elasticity

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Price elasticity gives you the opportunity to raise your prices, often much higher than you even thought possible,if you first place the correct value on your skill or program,and also market it correctly. Price elasticity is one of the primary areas I focus on with many coaching clients. So, how do you know what you’re worth? It’s pretty simple – you […]

It’s Ok to Be Wrong Sometimes! You won’t create raving fans if you insist on being right, even when you know your customer is dead wrong! If you choose to be right, I can almost guarantee that your bank deposit is going to be smaller. When you’re in a difficult customer service situation – it’s […]

Existing customers provide the bulk of your profits. It’s more cost-effective to sell to existing customers, so your profitability is higher. However, the profitability of existing customers goes far beyond their current sales figures, and that’s what lifetime value (LTV) is all about. In my opinion, it’s nearly impossible to give away the business trying […]