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Profit Booster: One More Degree

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Can you keep pushing with one more degree of strength or endure one more minute of hard, focused work? You sure can, and that one degree can make a world of difference. Improving by a single degree can be exactly what you need to explode your business and really accelerate your profits. You might be […]

To create wealth you must have integrity with yourself. Be on guard against being manipulated by emotion, fear, and drama. If you schedule time to exercise, to complete your newsletter article, or to be creative and think of ways you’re going to grow your business, then keep that appointment with yourself just like you would keep […]

Another way to develop and build stronger customer relationships is also one of the foundations of great service: Be accessible to your customers. Really serve them. It’s why you’re in business and the only way to grow and be profitable. Whatever you do to create happy customers pays off! What can you do? Return calls, answer […]


Customers don’t hesitate to buy because of price; they hesitate to buy because of worry. They worry about all the“what-ifs.” Offer a rock-solid guarantee. Putting 30- or 60-or 90-day limits on your guarantee is going to leave your customers wondering what happens after that. Give your guarantee a name that clearly explains the benefit and the degree to which you’re […]


Many entrepreneurs struggle with their ‘personal’ brand versus their ‘professional’ brand – or perhaps better stated, who they are ‘on the job’ versus who they are ‘off the clock’ – so to speak. This challenge has never become more apparent with the incredible rise of social media, and the truth is you can no longer […]

A successful social media marketing strategy involves engaging your readers and followers. With that, you need to be on the lookout for interesting, eye-catching and informative materials that you can share with your readers. What many companies do is to create a strong blogging presence and then share their blog content on their social media […]

Listen for recurring problems or complaints with your customers. Those recurrences are indicators that you’re not easy to do business with in some way, shape, or form,and you’ll want to fix that in order to keep your customers glued. And remember, one of the easiest ways to increase customer adhesion is to manage their expectations. Managing their expectations is a matter of under-promising […]


How to Profit from Social Media

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Everyone surfs the web differently. Some are happy to read page after page of content, while others need to be more visually stimulated through a combination of text, photos and video. Adding video content helps to put your company in front of your web visitors, allowing you to connect with them in a more personal […]


Delegate or Stay Small

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One of the most important decisions an entrepreneur needs to make to get to six figures and then to move on and create a multiple-six-figure Dream Business is to release and let go. This mindset challenge is one that trips up far too many entrepreneurs, and it is essential that you climb and conquer this […]