Even though social media continues to evolve and grow, there are still many small business owners who have yet to get on board. While they may think social media is just a passing fad, their customers do not.

In fact, the majority of consumers (50.7% to be exact) say they use social media to communicate with businesses. And of that 50%, 78% believe that social media will take the place of traditional customer service platforms.

Sadly enough, consumers who are using social media aren’t getting what they want from those interactions with businesses. Many complain of complaints and concerns not being addressed and questions going unanswered. When this happens, they become less likely to do business with that company.

Having a social media presence is important, but it won’t work if you simply set up your networks and then do nothing with them. Having lots of unanswered questions, comments or complaints delivered via social media is going to have the opposite effect from what you were hoping for.

Build your social media presence slowly, develop relationships with your customers, get involved and interact. Be responsive – that’s what social media is all about.